About Natural Foods Market

Our History

Natural Foods Market opened in June of 1981 as an independent health food store in 350 sq ft in Downtown Johnson City.  It was a place created to provide an opportunity for people to learn a sense of personal responsibility for their health.  In March of 1998, Natural Foods Market relocated and expanded into 4500 sq ft at its current location in the Johnson City Crossing.   Patsy Meridith was the original owner and founder, Jill and her husband, Steve, took over the mission and vision in January 2020.

For almost the entirety of our existence, we have supported organizations that promote and encourage business success by being a member of:

  • The National Federation of Independent Businesses 
  • The Natural Products Association (our industry's national trade association)
  • The Southeast Natural Products Association (our industry's regional trade association)
  • Independent Natural Foods Retailer's Association (national independent retailer's group) 

We adhere to an industry-wide code of ethics that states: "We will sell only those products and provide only those services that are truthfully and legally labeled and be responsible and ethical in our relationships with customers, associates, peers, suppliers & competitors".

Our Mission

Natural Foods Market caters to those in search of a diverse selection of wholesome, nutritious foods and safe, effective dietary supplements and all-natural personal care products.  Characterized by exemplary customer service, comprehensive education, and high standards of product purity, Natural Foods Market is the preferred source for quality alternative products and dedicated trustworthy service in our region.  As such:

  • We strive to make a healthy and heartfelt difference in our customers' lives.  
  • We take pleasure in providing a friendly, fun, accessible learning environment.
  • We take the time to listen to our customers and develop long-term relationships.
  • We take pride in carefully selecting products based on the quality of ingredients.
  • We support local producers and their participation in environmental sustainability.
  • We use extensive up-to-date resources to assist in providing for customer's needs. 
  • And we always gladly guarantee our customer's satisfaction with their purchases.

Natural Foods Market carries:

  • Gluten free foods
  • Organic foods
  • Supplements
  • Body care products
  • Vitamins
  • Other health products


Meet Our Team

Jill Natural Foods Market

Jill - Owner
Welcome to our store! I was born and raised in Bolivar, PA and moved to Johnson City in 1997.  During my time here, I have earned a bachelors degree from Milligan and a certificate of accounting from Linfield College, married Steve, raised four children, and become an avid runner.  Clean eating and nutritional supplements have been a staple in my life for nearly two decades and big part of why I am healthy and able to enjoy an active life.  I love hearing customer stories, connecting them to resources, and learning more about my hometown.  It is my pleasure to play a small part in the overall health and wellness of my community.

Steve Natural Foods Market

Steve - Spouse of Owner
I am originally from Napa, CA, the Marine Corps moved me here in 2004, and I chose to retire here in 2008.  I have a BA from the Citadel and MEd. I currently teach full-time.  Jill and I met at Milligan in 2011 and we married in 2013.  We have four children between us; Patrick, Nicholas, Gabrielle, and Zachary.  I seek to help improve our community through mutually supporting local businesses and providing resources to our customers to help them achieve their best health.  Since January 2020, my role here has been to support my wife, Jill, and our fantastic staff.

Amy Natural Foods Market Amy
I'm from Greenville, TN, and my interests include cooking, music, reading about health, and self-improvement. My husband John and I married in 2005. As a Health Advisor/Supplements Buyer since 1997, I think the key to success is keeping a good sense of humor.
Tony Natural Foods Market Tony
I love the topics of spirituality and philosophy. I enjoy learning about advanced technologies and keep various kinds of arachnids. It is truly a pleasure to be a Health Advisor and Buyer on the Supplements Team at Natural Foods Market since I began in June of 1999.
April Natural Foods Market April
I was raised in White Pine, TN. I love taking care of my daughter, reading, and live music. Having been a member of the NFM family since Feb, 2002, I'm presently the Head Grocery Buyer.
Charlie Natural Foods Market Charlie
My interests include living eco-friendly, eating organic vegan food, organizing, and making my own natural hand-crafted household cleaners. I'm currently on the Supplements Team, where I began working in April, 2012.
I am know as the pet lady.  I am happy to help you find natural solutions for your pet needs.  I joined Natural Foods Market in June 2016, took a year off from 2019-2020 to care for family.
Nikki Natural Foods Market Nikki
I relocated to Johnson City 10 years ago to work in the natural foods and supplements industry. My favorite activities include walking the local trails, cooking and listening to music. I'm excited about the opportunity that I have been given to share my knowledge and leadership experience at Natural Foods Market as part of the management team, where I began in March of 2018.
Delores Natural Foods Market Delores
Born in Elizabethton, I have lived most of my life in East Tennessee, other than 3 years spent in Detroit. At a very early age, I met Bill Black & Scotty Moore, 2 of Elvis Presley's friends. While in the Canal Zone, Panama, I watched the first navy ship on its way to Vietnam. I love walks in the evenings, live entertainment and spending time with my family.
Carol Natural Foods Market Carol
Originally from South Dakota, I moved to Tennessee in 2014. I'm the youngest of 7 siblings. I enjoy hiking, swimming, kayaking and spending time with family and friends. I'm very grateful and fortunate to have joined the Natural Foods Market family in June 2019.
Madison Natural Foods Market Madison
I was born and raised in Elizabethton and have lived there all my life. I am currently attending NorthEast State Tech. I love spending time with my family and boyfriend. My hobbies include singing, riding bikes and playing with my cat Cali.
Originally from Jacksonville, NC.  I am a student-athlete at Milligan.  I joined the Natural Foods Market team in January 2020 as stock clerk and cashier.
Originally from Johnson City, TN.  I am a student-athlete at Milligan.  I joined the Natural Foods Market team in March 2020 as stock clerk and cashier.

Born and raised in Johnson City, TN.  Former student athlete at Science Hill High School, currently a pursing a Sports Management degree locally.  I enjoy meeting with friends and playing various sports.  I started as stock clerk in March of 2020.

I am pleased to bring my 20 years experience managing wellness at a Co-Op in Kentuky to Natural Foods Market.  I have lived in Johnson City since 2018 and joined this team in June 2020.

I'm originally from Johnson City, TN but currently studying Creative Technology and Design at the University of Colorado Boulder.  Remote classes brought me home to join the team as Cashier and IT Specialist in August 2020.
Originally from Jacksonville, NC and currently a full time student.  Music and art are my passions.  I joined the team here in August 2020.
I was born in Sevierville and raised in Johnson City.  I have been a vegetarian my whole life.  In my free time I enjoy roller skating, making jewelry, painting, cooking, or watching nature documentaries with my boyfried.  I joined the  Natural Foods Market teain is August 2020 as a cashier.